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David began performances as The Duke of Monroth in Moulin Rouge! The musical on Broadway in February 2023. This followed directly from originating the role on the North American tour in 2022.

Winner of 10 Tony Awards, Moulin Rouge is set in Montmartre Quarter in Paris and tells the story of Christian, a young composer, who falls in love with cabaret actress Satine, who is the star of the Moulin Rouge. A love triangle begins when the Duke also falls in love with Satine.

The musical is based on the 2001 Baz Luhrmann starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor.



“Add in the erotically charged David Harris as the Duke (it’s good for the villain of the piece to ooze desirability) and you have all the ingredients you need for a night on the town.” – Chicago Tribune (full review)

“David Harris ably inhabits the villainous power broker who creates the central conflict, doing so with a rich, deep baritone voice.” – Chicago Tribune (full review)

“David Harris is powerful” - Around the Town Chicago (full review)

“Duke of Monroth (played by David Harris)… is actually less the moustache-twirling villain he was in the film thanks to Harris' nuanced performance here… I would even argue that Harris' Duke is less of a jerk than that musical's Henry Higgins.” – BroadwayWorld (full review)

“Perfectly cast National Tour… David Harris makes the smarmy Duke of Monroth as despicable as possible.” – Chicago Theater Review (full review)

“the villainous Duke of Monroth, the winningly smarmy David Harris.” – Times Square Chronicles (full review)

“the sinister Duke of Monroth, David Harris.” – Daily Herald (full review)

“As the Duke of Monroth, the show's antagonist, David Harris (and director Timbers) wisely underplay the character's threatening nature.” – Theatermania (full review)

“a rich horny Duke (David Harris)” – Chicago Reader (full review)

“André Ward as Toulouse-Lautrec and David Harris as The Duke of Monroth are captivating performers every time they are on stage” – BroadwayWorld (full review)

“David Harris as the Duke was villainous, yet so desirable.” Broadwayworld (full review)

“The Duke is presented as a sinister character in his efforts to exert ownership over not only the nightclub, but Satine herself. Yet there is a kernel of tragedy in his core as well, for, while his wealth enables him to control Satine's actions, he is painfully aware that it is not enough to control her heart. David Harris captures this contradiction splendidly, while also singing with a beautiful full voice.” – TalkinBroadway (full review)

“Harris' Duke is totally commanding” – Star Tribune (full review)

“the fabulously wealthy Duke de Monroth (David Harris), who wants Satine above all costs. This characterization is perhaps the greatest diversion from the source material, with the previously rigid, pretentious duke given a darker, sexier edge. It is a fascinating alteration, lending a dangerous bent to his scenes with Satine. When he threatens death, you have no doubt he could kill.” – Beverly Press (full review)

“The Duke — whom you are meant to despise — looked so boss in his mauve top-hat and waistcoat ensemble that you pang with fascination because … when did a bad guy look so fabulous?” – Artsmeme (full review)

“the imperious Duke, played by the underrated David Harris, who is fiercely believable as the musical’s antagonist.” – Laexcites (full review)

“The Duke of Monroth played with devilish glee by David Harris” – ArtsBeatLA (full review)

“One of the nice changes is that the Duke is now a sexy, smoldering creature that is more villainous than a buffoon.” – Edge Media Network (full review)

“David Harris swaggers around the stage as the villainous Duke” – Lara Scott Media (full review)

“Harris’s suitably serpentine Duke” – Stage Scene LA (full review)

“Andre Ward's Toulouse-Lautrec and David Harris as The Duke of Monroth are both standouts” – Discover Hollywood (full review)

“More grounded than in the movie, Harris is both malicious and becharming as the villainous duke” – BroadwayWorld (full review)

“David Harris rides the thin edge of quiet evil, delectably” – BroadwayWorld (full review)

“Harris's Duke is amply detestable” – BroadwayWorld (full review)

“Snidely Whiplash villainy provided by David Harris as The Duke” – Edge Media Network (full review)

“the Duke of Monroth, played by the delectably sharp David Harris” – Theater Dogs (full review)

“David Harris’s portrayal of the Duke is a bit of divergence from the film. Being quite handsome himself, Mr. Harris creates a Duke that is on the uber macho side but can easily and totally charm those in his presence, that is, until he is crossed. In just a moment, he becomes as deadly as a cobra ready to strike.” – Gay Desert Guide (full review)


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