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The dad’s an architect; Mom rushes to pack lunches and pour cereal; their daughter and son are bright, wise-cracking teens. The Goodmans appear to be a typical American family, yet their lives are anything but normal. This brave and breathtaking contemporary musical takes an unflinching look at a family’s struggle with mental illness.

Playing Dan Goodman, David joined Tony-nominee Christiane Noll as wife Diana with critics acclaiming them as “an ideal couple for this musical” and their performances as “tour-de-force”. This production was nominated for 10 Connecticut Critics Circle Awards including Best Musical and David receiving a Best Actor nomination. Directed by Rob Ruggiero, the cast also includes Maya Keleher (Natalie), John Cardoza (Gabe), Nick Sacks (Henry) and J.D Daw as Dr Fine/Dr Madden with musical direction by Adam Souza. (Photos – Lanny Nagler)



“what truly makes NEXT TO NORMAL a must-see is the brilliant cast. As Dan, David Harris also delivers an amazing voice, but displays an equally strong capacity to capture the conflicted emotions of the man who has stood by Diana through all her highs and lows.‘ – BroadwayWorld (full review)

“David Harris was phenomenal as Dan” –

“There’s something triumphant in musical theatre happening at Hartford’s TheaterWorks. In an intimate theatre, a powerhouse of a musical envelops its audience, in a production whose staging and performances rival, if not exceed, the original on Broadway… Ruggiero assembled two of the finest musical theatre talents around… Noll and Harris are both tour-de-force” – The Westfield News (full review)

“As Diana’s husband Dan, David Harris — so breezy in “Anything Goes” at the Goodspeed last season — can seem shell-shocked and upstanding at the same time. Harris and Noll are an ideal couple for this musical — their singing voices have the same timbre. When they fight, their voices waver on the same wavelength.” – The Hartford Courant (full review)

“Harris, as Dan, is the rock upon which Diana’s waves of dementia pound. His role is, obviously, less flamboyant than Noll’s, but he creates a character that is trembling on the brink of despair, and thus his performance if often haunting, no more so than in his rendition of “He’s Not Here.”” – Geary Danihy, Connecticut Critics Circle (full review)

“Each member of the six-person company brings a strong intelligence and sensitivity to their role… David Harris does a superb job with his portrayal of Diana’s husband, Dan. He imbues the role with an undercurrent of frustration and helplessness as he seeks to support his beleaguered wife.” – Stu On Broadway (full review)

“David Harris is just terrific, and he is easily able to scale the highs and the lows that this character goes through, and his singing is ideal throughout.”- Zander Opper, Connecticut Critics Circle (full review)

“The very talented and personable David Harris has an amazing singing voice and presence as Dan, the husband of Diana who has stood by, supported and loved this woman through the years, hoping one day his wife’s pain, would completely disappear. He and Noll are ideally matched for musical theater of this caliber. Alone or together, their singing voices reflect pitch-perfect brilliance.” -Jim Ruocco (full review)

“Australian sensation David Harris” – CT Arts Connection (full review)

“David Harris’ Dan is filled with hope and steadfastness that is heartbreaking” – OnStage (full review)

“Doting and compassionate Dan played by an incredible David Harris fights to maintain some level of control, while at the same time bumbling, bedraggled, and broken by his wife’s crushing illness. Their marriage shows heavy wear and tear, its very foundation about to give out at any moment. David Harris was Noll’s perfect complement as the loyal, and at times tortured, caregiving husband” – SamedayProds (full review)


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