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With a ravishing score by Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Pippin, Godspell) and Charlies Strouse (Annie, Bye Bye Birdie), Rags was taken on a complete “revisal” of the original 1986 Broadway version with a new book by Tom Thompson.

Directed by Rob Ruggiero, Rags follows the story of Rebecca (Samantha Massell), a new Jewish immigrant to New York in 1910. David originated to role of German immigrant and wealthy factory owner, Max Bronfman in this new lavish production at Goodspeed Opera House in late 2017.



“David Harris, giving humanity to a figure who could be played as a moneyed, entitled stereotype” – The Day (full review)

“Ruggiero brought David Harris, an alum of TheaterWorks’ Next to Normal, to Rags as a character not in the original. He’s terrific.” – The Westfield News (full review)

“The terrific David Harris manages to brighten things up in the rather unsympathetic role of Max Bronfman.” – Zander Opper, CCC (full review)

“David Harris is the man you love to hate as Max, and I also loved his performance in TheaterWorks Hartford’s Next to Normal.” – Pillow Talkings (full review)

“Her fashion sense comes to the attention of factory owner Bronfman (David Harris) who uses his charms and lovely tenor voice to beguilingly exploit the seamstress.” – Critics on the Aisle (full review)

“Harris is a smooth devil with the beguiling “Uptown.” – Frank Rizzo, (full review)

“Her talents as a seamstress lead her to the fast track, thanks to seductive employer, Bronfman. David Harris is suitably charming and unctuous” – New Haven Review (full review)

“Harris has a fabulous tenor voice. ” – South Shore Critic (full review)

“David Harris has just the right touch to move from hero to villain” – Arts & Leisure (full review)


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