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In 2018, David returned to Australia from New York to star as Tick/Mitzi alongside Tony Award-nominee Tony Sheldon (Bernadette) and Euan Doige (Felicia).

David received his forth Helpmann Award and second Green Room Award nomination for Best Actor in a musical for his portrayal of a Sydney drag queen in search of his purpose.

Based on the Oscar-winning film, PRISCILLA is the hilarious adventure of three friends who hop aboard a battered old bus bound for Alice Springs to put on the show of a lifetime. Their epic journey is a heart-warming story of self-discovery, sassiness and acceptance. After winning a glittering array of international awards on Broadway, the West End, Europe and Asia, Simon Phillips’ spectacular production PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT returns to Australia in 2018 for its 10th anniversary celebration tour.



“David Harris, returning to Australia briefly from the USA, was the perfect casting decision. He sits Tick in the middle of a pendulum of emotion, swinging from moving ballad to pumping dance track in the blink of an eye. Harris’ voice soars throughout the show but what he so importantly brings to the production is heart, bringing a lump to the audience’s collective throat in “True Colours” and “Always On My Mind”, proving why he’s been a favourite leading man both here in Australia and in the USA. David Harris is magnificent as Tick.” – BroadwayWorld (full review)

“David Harris plays Tick – the drag queen on a road trip to the Red Centre to meet his young son for the first time – with aplomb, nailing both heart-melting vulnerability (the gorgeous duet with his son) and gloriously silly set-pieces (a Macarthur Park number, complete with dancing cupcakes, among others)” – Sydney Morning Herald (full review)

“David Harris’ Tick grounds the show and has some of the more earnest moments in the story, the real tearjerker moments, both happy and sad. With a beautiful voice and 20 years’ experience behind him, Harris fits expertly into this character” – TheatrePeople (full review)

“Harris is the archetypal leading man, bringing a commanding stage presence, a superb voice and undeniable magnetism to his performance” – The Music (full review)

“Leading the cupcake chorus line is David Harris, perfectly cast as Tick. He sings beautifully and, like Sheldon, manages to find a consistent emotional arc within director Simon Phillips’ fast-moving production” – Time Out (full review)

“David Harris brings enormous depth and killer vocals to the role. Having seen this multi-talented performer in major roles many times, it’s no surprise he is now carving out a successful career on Broadway. If Sheldon is the sentimental favourite returning to home shores, Harris is his heir apparent.” – Classic Melbourne (full review)

“This effervescent night belongs to its accomplished, vivacious leads… Harris balances Tick’s sassy, drag persona, Mitzi, with Tick’s real life vulnerability, and his rendition of I Say A Little Prayer poignantly captures Tick’s pining for his unknown son.” – Herald Sun (full review)

“David Harris returns to Australia to play Tick/Mitzi, the role with the strongest and most emotional arc… Tick’s vocals benefit immensely from Harris’ richly burnished musical theatre tenor, which is a pleasure to hear again.” – Man in the Chair (full review)

“…these leading men share a kindred spirit to the empowerment of all individual’s and love for everyone. Chemistry is such an important factor when casting, but between these three it was electric and natural” – The AU Review (full review)

“David Harris immaculately conveyed an inner conflict, as he alternated between the flamboyant stage persona of Mitzi and the insecurity and doubt of Tick, a gay man battling with his identity. The voice that has shared the stage with musical royalty such as Michael Ball and Lea Salonga stunned on ‘I Say A Little Prayer’ and ‘Always On My Mind’. His rendition of the Elvis classic, in particular, impacted upon the heart as powerfully as a diet of deep-fried peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches.” – SceneStr (full review)

“Song and dance man, David Harris, plays Tick, the drag queen who is secretly a dad. He’s a complex and conflicted soul. Harris evokes his many layers in a consummate and credible characterisation.” – TheBarefootReview (full review)

“David Harris is brilliant as Tick, see-sawing between heartstring tugging ballads like True Colours to thumping disco tunes” – rewritethisstory (full review)

“As the driving force of the plot, Harris as Tick gives a charming performance, nicely contrasting Tick’s easy-going persona with the need to be a “good” father to his son” – webwombat (full review)

“David Harris brings an inherent dignity and a sense of playfulness to his characterization… Tick’s eventual meeting with his son provides a remarkably moving moment.” – Canberra Critics Circle (full review)

“Tick sensitively played by David Harris” – InDaily (full review)

“David Harris who plays fun-loving yet sensitive Tick is absolutely fabulous” – Sydney Social (full review)

“David Harris… brings warmth and sincerity to the character, with flawless vocals that are a testament to his lengthy experience in musical theatre. His soaring vocals create a charming character, and the audience can’t help but feel for him.” – The Theatre Room (full review)

“David Harris as Tick is the perfect lost father” – 2CH (full review)

“David Harris cuts through the noisy glitz as Tick, impressive in his ability to convey emotional intensity, for several scenes that help prevent the show from disintegrating into meaningless froth. The father-son chemistry in later sequences are unforgettable, with fabulous child performer George Holahan-Cantwell offering the perfect balance, especially moving in the “Always On My Mind / I Say A Little Prayer” number, delivering a genuine instance of delicacy, in the midst of all things bold and brassy.” – Suzy Goes See (full review)

“David delivers an authentic emotionally intense and angst-driven characterisation of Tick” – DanceLife (full review)

“Harris delivers a series of more poignant pieces with a beautiful emotional connection, from the reflective I Say a Little Prayer to the wonderful duet with between Tick and Benji” – BroadwayWorld (Sydney) (full review)

“Harris embodied the character of Tick well and brought to the role the emotional depth it needed.” – BroadwayWorld (Adelaide) (full review)

“David Harris has a harder job as Tick, coming to terms with his bisexuality, but has a likeable sincerity.” – The Adelaide Review(full review)

“Harris is basically the ‘straight man’ (pardon the pun) and carries the role off with dignity and some good humour. His version of MacArthur Park would have the Late Richard Harris wishing that’s how he should have done it.” – GlamAdelaide (full review)

“David Harris, as the central protagonist Tick, delivers his role with charisma and strength” – Arts Hub (full review)

“David Harris was a joy to watch as the conflicted Tick/Mitzi as he put his emotions on the line and shared the insecurities of a gay man struggling with his identity.” – EntertainmentHive (full review)

“Leading man David Harris was no slouch in that department either, giving Tick, the drag queen who has to suddenly become a father, a humane reality underneath all the glitz and sequins” – Stage Whispers (full review)


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